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CI: Use pylint, instead of pylint3

It seems, despite the name, both packages depend on Python 3. However,
pylint3 seems deprecated, and upstream recommends to install pylint:

The current versions of both packages in Debian unstable are:
pylint  2.4.4-1
pylint3 2.2.2-1

This commit fixes failing CI jobs due to the use of pylint3 2.2.2-1,
which seems broken.
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......@@ -31,9 +31,9 @@ linting:pylint:
image: $CONTAINER_REGISTRY:linting
stage: linting
- pylint3 --disable=no-else-return,no-else-raise,no-else-continue,unnecessary-comprehension --extension-pkg-whitelist=cairo,gi ./libmat2 ./mat2
- pylint --disable=no-else-return,no-else-raise,no-else-continue,unnecessary-comprehension --extension-pkg-whitelist=cairo,gi ./libmat2 ./mat2
# Once nautilus-python is in Debian, decomment it form the line below
- pylint3 --disable=no-else-return,no-else-raise,no-else-continue,unnecessary-comprehension --extension-pkg-whitelist=Nautilus,GObject,Gtk,Gio,GLib,gi ./nautilus/
- pylint --disable=no-else-return,no-else-raise,no-else-continue,unnecessary-comprehension --extension-pkg-whitelist=Nautilus,GObject,Gtk,Gio,GLib,gi ./nautilus/
image: $CONTAINER_REGISTRY:linting
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