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## Install
# snap
sudo snap install riseup-vpn --classic
You can track beta channel, where we push versions to test:
sudo snap install riseup-vpn --classic --beta
# arch
[There's a package in AUR](https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/riseup-vpn-git) that tracks main branch, so expect some instabilities (early birds catch the bugs they say, and we're thankful for that)
yaourt -Sy riseup-vpn-git
# deb
We haven't updated deb.leap.se repo yet 😞 (see #466), but if you *really* desire a debian
package you can build your own for the time being:
debuild -us -uc
sudo dpkg -i ../riseup-vpn*.deb
## Build
Clone this repo, install dependencies and build the application. Dependencies
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