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[pkg] add stub for stapler script

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# Notes to script notarization steps.
# Taken from https://oozou.com/blog/scripting-notarization-for-macos-app-distribution-38
# TODO: put pass in keychain
# 1. create dmb
hdiutil create -format UDZO -srcfolder yourFolder YourApp.dmg
# 2. send notarization request
requestInfo=$(xcrun altool --notarize-app \
--file "YourApp.dmg" \
--username "yourDeveloperAccountEmail@email.com" \
--password "@keychain:notarization-password" \
--asc-provider "yourAppleTeamID" \
--primary-bundle-id "com.your.app.bundle.id")
current_status = "in progress"
while [[ "$currentStatus" == "in progress" ]]; do
sleep 15
statusResponse=$(xcrun altool --notarization-info "$uuid" \
--username "yourDeveloperAccountEmail@email.com" \
--password "@keychain:notarization-password")
# TODO change to python ---- ruby script ------------------------------------
# the response is a multiline string, with the status being on its own line
# using the format "Status: <status here>"
# Split each line into its own object in an array
response_objects = ARGV[0].split("\n")
# get line that contains the "Status:" text
status_line = response_objects.select { |data| data.include?('Status:') }[0]
# get text describing the status (should be either "in progress" or "success")
current_status = "#{status_line.split('Status: ').last}"
# respond with value
puts current_status
# -- end ruby script --------------------------------------------------------
current_status=$(ruby status.rb "$statusResponse")
if [[ "$current_status" == "success" ]]; then
# staple notarization here
xcrun stapler staple "YourApp.dmg"
echo "Error! The status was $current_status. There were errors. Please check the LogFileURL for error descriptions"
exit 1
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