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Improve the threat-model again, thanks to @joe

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......@@ -17,6 +17,7 @@ Mat only removes standard metadata from your files, it does _not_:
- handle steganography nor homoglyphs
- handle stylometry
- handle any non-standard metadata field/system
- handle file-system related metadata
If you really want to be anonymous format that does not contain any
metadata, or better : use plain-text ASCII without trailing spaces.
......@@ -91,3 +92,9 @@ Requirements
- MAT2 *must not* fail silently. Upon failure,
MAT2 *must not* modify the file in any way.
- MAT2 *might* leak the fact that MAT2 was used on the file,
since it might be uncommon for some file formats to come
without any kind of metadata, an adversary might suspect that
the user used MAT2 on certain files.
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