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Use memoization get _*_path() functions

This shouldn't make a big difference in the CLI/extension
usage, but might improve the performances of long-running
instances, or people misusing the API.
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import functools
import json
import logging
import os
......@@ -56,6 +57,7 @@ class ExiftoolParser(abstract.AbstractParser):
return False
return True
def _get_exiftool_path() -> str: # pragma: no cover
possible_pathes = {
'/usr/bin/exiftool', # debian/fedora
import functools
import os
import logging
......@@ -130,6 +131,7 @@ class MP4Parser(AbstractFFmpegParser):
def _get_ffmpeg_path() -> str: # pragma: no cover
ffmpeg_path = '/usr/bin/ffmpeg'
if os.path.isfile(ffmpeg_path):
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