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doing a release: this is about mat2, not mat

Additionally, fix a typo.
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......@@ -31,7 +31,7 @@ Since MAT2 is written in Python3, please conform as much as possible to the
8. Push the tag with `git push --tags`
9. Download the gitlab archive of the release
10. Diff it against the local copy
11. If there is no different, sign the archive with `gpg --armor --detach-sign mat-$VERSION.tar.xz`
11. If there is no difference, sign the archive with `gpg --armor --detach-sign mat2-$VERSION.tar.xz`
12. Upload the signature on Gitlab's [tag page]( and add the changelog there
13. Announce the release on the [mailing list](
14. Sign'n'upload the new version on pypi with `python3 sdist bdist_wheel` then `twine upload -s dist/*`
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