Commit 0e3c2c9b authored by atenart's avatar atenart Committed by jvoisin

libmat2: audio: not all id3 types have a text attribute

Not all id3 types have a text attribute (such as mutagen.id3.APIC or
mutagen.id3.UFID). This leads to the get_meta helper to crash when
trying to access the text attribute of an object which does not have it.
Fixes it by checking the text attribute is available before accessing
Signed-off-by: atenart's avatarAntoine Tenart <>
parent 2dc097ba
......@@ -38,6 +38,8 @@ class MP3Parser(MutagenParser):
metadata = {} # type: Dict[str, Union[str, dict]]
meta = mutagen.File(self.filename).tags
for key in meta:
if not hasattr(meta[key], 'text'):
metadata[key.rstrip(' \t\r\n\0')] = ', '.join(map(str, meta[key].text))
return metadata
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