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Schleuder, version 3

Schleuder is a gpg-enabled mailing list manager with resending-capabilities. Subscribers can communicate encrypted (and pseudonymously) among themselves, receive emails from non-subscribers and send emails to non-subscribers via the list.

Version 3 of schleuder is a complete rewrite, which aims to be more robust, flexible, and internationalized. It also provides an API for the optional web interface called schleuder-web.

For more details see


  • ruby >=2.1
  • gnupg >=2.0
  • gpgme
  • sqlite3
  • openssl

On systems that base on Debian 8 ("Jessie"), install these via

apt-get install ruby2.1-dev gnupg2 libgpgme11-dev libsqlite3-dev libssl-dev

We recommend to also run a random number generator like haveged. This ensures Schleuder won't be blocked by lacking entropy, which otherwise might happen especially during key generation.

On Debian based systems, install it via

apt-get install haveged

Additionally these rubygems are required (will be installed automatically unless present):

  • rake
  • active_record
  • sqlite3
  • thor
  • thin
  • mail-gpg
  • sinatra
  • sinatra-contrib

Installing Schleuder

  1. Download the gem and the OpenPGP-signature and verify:

    gpg --recv-key 0xB3D190D5235C74E1907EACFE898F2C91E2E6E1F3
    gpg --verify schleuder-3.0.3.gem.sig
  2. If all went well install the gem:

    gem install schleuder-3.0.3.gem
  3. Set up schleuder:

    schleuder install

    This creates neccessary directories, copies example configs, etc. If you see errors about missing write permissions please follow the advice given.

For further information on setup and configuration please read

Command line usage

See schleuder help.


  schleuder check_keys                    # Check all lists for unusable or expiring keys and send the results to the list-admins. (This is supposed...
  schleuder help [COMMAND]                # Describe available commands or one specific command
  schleuder install                       # Set up Schleuder initially. Create folders, copy files, fill the database, etc.
  schleuder version                       # Show version of schleuder
  schleuder work list@hostname < message  # Run a message through a list.

List administration

Please use schleuder-cli to create and manage lists from the command line.

Optionally consider installing schleuder-web, the web interface for schleuder. It enables list-admins to manage their lists through the web instead of using request-keywords.




We use rspec to test our code. To setup the test environment run:

SCHLEUDER_ENV=test SCHLEUDER_CONFIG=spec/schleuder.yml bundle exec rake db:create db:schema:load

To execute the test suite run:

bundle exec rspec

We are working on extendig the test coverage.


Please see

Code of Conduct

We adopted a code of conduct. Please read


GNU GPL 3.0. Please see LICENSE.txt.

Alternative Download

Alternatively to the gem-files you can download the latest release as a tarball and its OpenPGP-signature.