Commit 5a5f435a authored by simonft's avatar simonft
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Don't escape percent signs that are actually required in default mua command

I'm not sure why this was done originally, but it's only formatted
once, so the escaped percent signs cause the formatting to simply
replace the escaped ones with unescaped ones.

Closes: #59
parent 39945fab
......@@ -157,7 +157,7 @@ class MonkeysignArgumentParser(argparse.ArgumentParser):
'passed on the commandline in the "%%(to)s"'
' field, or the command must parse the '
'"To:" header (default: %(default)s)'))
default_mua = "xdg-email --utf8 --to '%%(to)s' --subject '%%(subject)s' --body '%%(body)s' --attach '%%(attach)s'"
default_mua = "xdg-email --utf8 --to '%(to)s' --subject '%(subject)s' --body '%(body)s' --attach '%(attach)s'"
self.add_argument('--mua', nargs='?', default=None, const=default_mua,
help=_('Mail User Agent to use to send mail. all '
'parameters are passed on the commandline,'
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