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    namespace Activity and remove from autoload_path · 4955ee0a
    azul authored
    We used to have app/models/activity in the autoload path and had classes
    like FriendActivity < Activity
    This conflicts with how rails4 handles class lookup. Plus it clutters the
    autoload path and makes it harder to find classes.
    Using proper namespaces instead now and I'm about to apply this to all the
    different namespace avoiding things like ...Extension. We can use classes
    as namespaces as long as we:
    * make sure to define things inside the namespace in one line or in a
       class instead of a module block:
         class Activity::Friend < Activity
         # or
         class Activity
           class Friend < ::Activity
     * have names inside the namespaces that do not conflict with global names
    The second one is important because if PrivatePost is already loaded and
    Activity::PrivatePost is referenced somewhere it will be found as an
    constant inside the Object namespace of Activity (since Activity is a class).
    So instead of loading Activity::PrivatePost we'll see a warning that global
    constant PrivatePost was referenced by Activity::PrivatePost.
    So how do we prevent this?
    * do not clutter the global namespace
    * use more specific names in other namespaces
      -> in this case i am renaming PrivatePostActivity to Activity::MessageSent
      and not Activity::PrivatePost
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