Commit a67ed16d authored by Jerome Charaoui's avatar Jerome Charaoui

Add contributor credits in ChangeLog

parent 232079aa
......@@ -2,21 +2,32 @@ version 1.0.3 -- UNRELEASED
backupninja changes
· Add validation check for when parameter
Thanks to ulrich <> for the patch
· Quote output strings passed to logging functions
· Ignore files in /etc/backup.d that lack suffix
Thanks to David Gasaway <> for the patch
· Add Vagrantfile to help with testing/release process
documentation changes
· Fix typos in and manpages. Thank you, Lintian!
· Improve release process documentation
handler changes
. Add initial support
. Add initial support for the borgbackup program
Thanks to Ben <> and Thomas Preissler
<> for contributing patches
· Fix symmetric encryption
Thanks to Matthijs Wensveen <> for
the patch.
· Bail if archive dir doesn't exist
Thanks to Hugh Nowlan <> for the patch
· Use lsblk instead of sfdisk to get a list of block devices
Thanks to Romain Dessort <> for the patch
· Avoid looking for partitions on zram devices
Thanks to Glandos <> for the patch
· Support extracting LUKS headers from partitions
Thanks to Lyz <> for the patch.
version 1.0.2 -- September 05, 2017
handler changes
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