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Commit 696fe6ca authored by Emil Breiner's avatar Emil Breiner
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Introduce mariabackup helper-handler pair to Makefile

Change-Id: Ia7ad83272fd078c8b7197cedab2d8975ebbb192a
parent 5db93e03
HANDLERS = borg borg.helper dup dup.helper maildir makecd \
makecd.helper mysql mysql.helper pgsql pgsql.helper rdiff \
makecd.helper mariabackup_full mariabackup_full.helper mysql mysql.helper \
pgsql pgsql.helper rdiff \
rdiff.helper rsync sh svn sys sys.helper trac tar tar.helper
DIST_HANDLERS = borg.in borg.helper.in dup.in dup.helper.in maildir.in makecd.in \
makecd.helper.in mysql.in mysql.helper.in pgsql.in pgsql.helper.in rdiff.in \
makecd.helper.in mariabackup_full.in mariabackup_full.helper.in mysql.in mysql.helper.in \
pgsql.in pgsql.helper.in rdiff.in \
rdiff.helper.in rsync.in sh.in svn.in sys.in sys.helper.in trac.in tar.in tar.helper.in wget
......@@ -14,7 +16,7 @@ EXTRA_DIST = Makefile.am $(DIST_HANDLERS)
edit = sed \
-e "s,@BASH\@,$(BASH),g" \
-e "s,@AWK\@,$(AWK),g" \
-e "s,@SED\@,$(SED),g"
-e "s,@SED\@,$(SED),g"
pkgdata_DATA = $(HANDLERS)
......@@ -54,6 +56,14 @@ makecd.helper: $(srcdir)/makecd.helper.in
rm -f makecd.helper
$(edit) $(srcdir)/makecd.helper.in > makecd.helper
mariabackup_full: $(srcdir)/mariabackup_full.in
rm -f mariabackup_full
$(edit) $(srcdir)/mariabackup_full.in > mariabackup_full
mariabackup_full.helper: $(srcdir)/mariabackup_full.helper.in
rm -f mariabackup_full.helper
$(edit) $(srcdir)/mariabackup_full.helper.in > mariabackup_full.helper
mysql: $(srcdir)/mysql.in
rm -f mysql
$(edit) $(srcdir)/mysql.in > mysql
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