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0.10.0 - `master`_
0.10.0 - 18 July, 2017
.. note:: This version is not yet released and is under active development.
- Add an incoming API for email delivery. In the future, this may be used by
external applications for message delivery.
- Add namespace capability.
- List incoming blobs in chronological order.
- Finish minimal filesystem backend for blobs.
- Update BlobManager to support new server features, such as: namespaces,
incoming and listing.
- Make the backend configurable for incoming API, so it can use CouchDB now and
Blobs later.
- `#8472 <>`_: Use OpenSSL backend for scrypt if OpenSSL >= 1.1
- Use OpenSSL backend for scrypt if OpenSSL >= 1.1
- Refactor preamble to account for PGP encryption scheme
- Removes scrypt dependency
- Unification of Client, Server and Common in a Single python package.
- Build soledad debian package with git-buildpackage.
- Document deprecation policy.
- Upload documentation to:
- Launch benchmarks website:
0.9.6 - 31 May, 2017
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