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    [pkg] unify client and server into a single python package · 3e94cafa
    drebs authored and Kali Kaneko's avatar Kali Kaneko committed
    We have been discussing about this merge for a while.
    Its main goal is to simplify things: code navigation, but also
    The rationale is that the code is more cohesive in this way, and there's
    only one source package to install.
    Dependencies that are only for the server or the client will not be
    installed by default, and they are expected to be provided by the
    environment. There are setuptools extras defined for the client and the
    Debianization is still expected to split the single source package into
    3 binaries.
    Another avantage is that the documentation can now install a single
    package with a single step, and therefore include the docstrings into
    the generated docs.
    - Resolves: #8896
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