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    Unify hopping and regular API · 09b1497c
    Maxb authored
    We want the client to have a unified API rather than being a socks
    server for "regular" mode and a transparent UDP proxy for "hopping"
    We chose to move to the transparent UDP proxy because socks+UDP support
    is missing/not particularly reliable.
    On the client side it's simplest for the "regular" mode to be
    conceptually a "hopping" client that only has a single IP+port endpoint
    and doesn't bother to ever "hop" to any other endpoint. In that way we
    can go ahead and remove the other code path.
    On the server side we do a similar thing, renaming the "HopServer" to
    "UDPServer" and depending on whether hopping is enabled we listen on a
    single port or many.
    We leave the TCP server for now because [our introducer code]
    uses the obfsvpn.NewDialerFromCert method to create a dialer which
    depends on an obfsvpn server endpoint running on TCP mode.
    Note that the client API (and FFI API) have changed so any upstream
    libraries need to reflect those changes.
    ALSO: the openvpn client config has changed, including the protocol, the
    remote, and the removal of the socks parameters.
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