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Reconcile develop with master

aguestuser requested to merge develop into master

This mister is also a proposal:


  • be more visible to newcomers
  • practice more rigorous continuous integration

proposed actions:

  • do work on features in master branch of developer-forked repos
  • when work is finished on feature, submit MR from developer-fork:master to leap:master
  • merge into leap:master as soon as the build passes and receives sign-off from MR reviewer -- as frequently as possible
  • instead of using a merge into master to signify a release commit, do that with release tags
  • deprecate use of develop

a thingie on trunk-based development

(this proposal is not, strictly speaking, a trunk-based workflow, since it allows for developer forks and MRs. but it tries to get some of the same benefits as that workflow by erring toward integrating early and often on one easy-to-discover branch.

also: not tied to trunk-based. simply have worked with it before and liked it. curious what others think!)

@kwadronaut @richy @parmegv (and @leap): concerns / amendments / thoughts from the group?

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