Unverified Commit c32d07c7 authored by Kali Kaneko's avatar Kali Kaneko
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[ui] further tweaks for calyx

"pick location" menu was a transitional menu item to be able to open
window without altering too much the current UI flow that operates on
the systray, and as an interim until the simply secure proposal was in

for calyx, it makes sense to open the window directly.
parent df9d9f99
......@@ -280,8 +280,10 @@ ApplicationWindow {
/* this is a temporary workaround until general GUI revamp for 0.21.8 */
let provider = Logic.getSelectedProvider(providers);
if (provider == "calyx") {
background.backgroundVisible = false;
background.color = "#8EA844";
background.backgroundVisible = false;
gwSelector.visible = false;
manualSelectionButton.visible = false;
if (!systrayAvailable) {
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