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[pkg] fix post-install path in osx

there was a mismatch after latest changes to the plist template

also revert latest osx depends, since some are not installable via
homebrew in osx.
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......@@ -78,8 +78,8 @@ dependsLinux:
@# debian needs also: snap install snapcraft --classic; snap install multipass --beta --classic
@brew install git gpg golang make pkg-config curl qt5
@brew install --default-names gnu-sed
@brew install git golang make qt5
#@brew install --default-names gnu-sed
@brew link qt5
......@@ -71,12 +71,12 @@ def fixHelperOwner(log):
return True
def copyLaunchDaemon():
appDir = os.path.join(_dir, _appdir)
plist = "se.leap.bitmask-helper.plist"
path = os.path.join(_dir, plist)
_p = os.path.join(_dir, _appdir)
_p2= _p.replace("/", "\/")
subprocess.call(["sed", "-i.back", "s/PATH/%s/" % _p2, path])
shutil.copy(path, HELPER_PLIST)
plistFile = os.path.join(appDir, plist)
escapedPath = appDir.replace("/", "\/")
subprocess.call(["sed", "-i.back", "s/PATH/%s/g" % escapedPath, plistFile])
shutil.copy(plistFile, HELPER_PLIST)
def launchHelper():
out = subprocess.call(["launchctl", "load", HELPER_PLIST])
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