Unverified Commit 5970fcb5 authored by meskio's avatar meskio

[bug] search for any openvpn process, the binary name might not match

parent d6e1d9c1
Pipeline #18780 passed with stages
in 90 minutes and 32 seconds
......@@ -441,9 +441,8 @@ def openvpn_stop(args):
:type args: list
plist = get_process_list()
OPENVPN_BIN = get_openvpn_bin()
found_leap_openvpn = filter(
lambda (p, s): s.startswith(OPENVPN_BIN) and LEAPOPENVPN in s,
lambda (p, s): "openvpn" in s and LEAPOPENVPN in s,
if found_leap_openvpn:
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