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......@@ -1782,6 +1782,14 @@ of making them aware of their inherent inability to say everything about
a given subject and to promote what he called the “consciousness of
Con ese fin, Korzybski desarrollo varias herramientas mentales con el
fin de revelar todas las abstracciones que nos rodean; él patento el
mas famoso -el "diferencial estructural"- en la decada del 1920. Tambien
alento a sus seguidores a empezar a usar el "etc." al finalizar sus
oracionas como forma de llamarles la atencion de la inherente
imposibilidad de decirlo todo sobre un tema determinado y promover lo
que llamo la "conciencia de la abstraccion".
There was way too much craziness and bad science in Korzybski’s theories
for him to be treated as a serious thinker, but his basic question—as
Postman put it, “What are the characteristics of language which lead
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