• Whereas auth()ing as a user that was created directly in the browser works just fine:

    root@da2748782596:/tmp/samizdat/samizdat-cli# node . -u samizdat-test3 -p samizdat-test3 gun-update samizdat.is /index.html /ipfs/QmbvCGSDLTUv7e4tqm27aePbF8fGKfUNm2GsCbSgDQgiLV
    Hello wonderful person! :) Thanks for using GUN, feel free to ask for help on https://gitter.im/amark/gun and ask StackOverflow questions tagged with 'gun'!
    AXE enabled.
    AXE enabled.
    Update user authenticated using password.
    Verification user authenticated from a pubkey.
    +-- update confirmed for: /index.html [/ipfs/QmbvCGSDLTUv7e4tqm27aePbF8fGKfUNm2GsCbSgDQgiLV]
    All updates confirmed successful!
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