1. 19 Apr, 2016 4 commits
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      create executable folder to avoid error · 175b993c
      Kali Kaneko authored
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      [pkg] reproducible windows installer for bitmask_client · 0a5d24d6
      Paixu Aabuizia authored and Kali Kaneko's avatar Kali Kaneko committed
      provide a environment that allows automated builds of windows installers
      - prepare dockerized environment with wine, python, openssl, zlib and mingw
        to build windows binaries from python sourcecode
      - prepare dockerized environment with nullsoft installer
        to build installers from binaries
      - configure pyinstaller to build binaries
      - configure nsis to build distributable executables for bitmask
      - configure make all in pkg/windows that results in installers
      - add documentation
      - ico conversion from data/images
      - avoid polluting / in docker image
      - install dirspec and copy to wine env
      - remove obsolete comments
      - fix python path
      - figure out that pip install leap.a and pyinstalling a leap.b does not work - so the build script fixes that
      - rename dependencies to pyinstaller and move nsis code to installer
      - build openvpn, export the binaries for further processing
      - correct openvpn dependencies, fetch tap installer compatible with openvpn just built
      - install tap-driver with nsis
      - pyinstaller-build: fix mixed mkdir / show errors if there are some
      - installer-build: prepare rw-copy, do not expose nsh files
      - add openvpn_leap.exe to install directory so it gets picked up by nsis
      - use setup.py to install bitmask to site-packages to have a version
      - separate build directories for granular make
      - copy all openvpn dlls to installer
      - die to signal failure to parent makefile
      - cache installDependencies for quick turn-arround times
      - share openssl version between openvpn and pysqlcipher/other pip builds
      - collect files during prepare for installer
      - default to eip:false, mail:true
      - configuration in pyinstaller-build.sh
      - win64 tap drivers need special care getting removed from 32bit nsis
      - correct registry key that identifies if we installed TAP
      - extract version from git-tree, expose to wine python
      - create nsh with version for build installer
      - allow clean/dirty version with patches
      - cleanup / indent / remove comments
      - die when pysqlchipher patch failed
      - add psutil in mingw compatible version
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