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[feat] Make help menu item open directly

parent e7439f48
......@@ -1054,53 +1054,9 @@ class MainWindow(QtGui.QMainWindow, SignalTracker):
Display the Bitmask help dialog.
# TODO: don't hardcode!
smtp_port = 2013
help_url = "<p><a href='https://{0}'>{0}</a></p>".format(""))
lang = QtCore.QLocale.system().name().replace('_', '-')
thunderbird_extension_url = \
"{0}/" \
email_quick_reference ="Email quick reference")
thunderbird_text =
"For Thunderbird, you can use the "
"Bitmask extension. Search for \"Bitmask\" in the add-on "
"manager or download it from <a href='{0}'>"
manual_text =
"Alternatively, you can manually configure "
"your mail client to use Bitmask Email with these options:")
manual_imap ="IMAP: localhost, port {0}".format(IMAP_PORT))
manual_smtp ="SMTP: localhost, port {0}".format(smtp_port))
manual_username ="Username: your full email address")
# FIXME on i3, this doens't allow to mouse-select.
# Switch to a dialog in which we can set the QLabel
mail_auth_token = ('mail_auth', None) or
"??? (log in to unlock)")
mail_password ="IMAP/SMTP Password:") + " %s" % (
msg = help_url +
"</ul></p>").format(email_quick_reference, thunderbird_text,
manual_text, manual_imap, manual_smtp,
manual_username, mail_password)
QtGui.QMessageBox.about(self,"Bitmask Help"), msg)
def _needs_update(self):
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