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Unverified Commit a68bbe5e authored by meskio's avatar meskio
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[bug] let the failure propagate

The failure was processed in start_incoming_mail_service what will make
it return a None when an IncomingMail object was expected. If we
propagate the failure it can be treated properly by the IMAPController.

- Related: #8051
parent 9a0568c1
...@@ -94,5 +94,4 @@ def start_incoming_mail_service(keymanager, soledad, userid): ...@@ -94,5 +94,4 @@ def start_incoming_mail_service(keymanager, soledad, userid):
acc = Account(soledad, userid) acc = Account(soledad, userid)
d = acc.callWhenReady(lambda _: acc.get_collection_by_mailbox(INBOX_NAME)) d = acc.callWhenReady(lambda _: acc.get_collection_by_mailbox(INBOX_NAME))
d.addCallback(setUpIncomingMail) d.addCallback(setUpIncomingMail)
return d return d
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