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[pkg] remove pixelated readme, can be enabled in prefswin

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How to enable Pixelated Webmail
WARNING! This is an experimental feature.
It can expose your mail to *any* user with access to your machine, since there
is no authentication in place at the moment. It could even eat your data. You
have been warned.
Ok, how do I enable this wonderful feature?
First, run the bundle for a first time, and ensure that you can register a new
account with a mail-enabled provider (for instance, mail.bitmask.net).
Then, you have to edit a config file living inside the bundle folders. You have
to add "Pixmail=true" under the [General] section, like this:
Then, run bitmask again:
./bitmask --debug
And a new "Bitmask Webmail" option should have appeared under the "Bitmask"
If you want to disable the Webmail functionality, just set the Pixmail property
to 'false'.
Enjoy your local and encrypted pixelated webmail!
......@@ -55,7 +55,6 @@ pyinst-cleanup:
cp release-notes.rst $(DIST_VERSION)
cp pkg/PixelatedWebmail.README $(DIST_VERSION)
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