1. 06 Apr, 2020 1 commit
  2. 05 Apr, 2020 2 commits
  3. 04 Apr, 2020 22 commits
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  5. 31 Mar, 2020 7 commits
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      [ni] accessibility - headers and color contrast · 4bc768eb
      Mari authored
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      [ni] add more examples to how-to guide · dca7fa49
      Mari authored
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      Merge branch 'hotfix-remove-english-destroy-from-fr-translations' into 'master' · 1ee46b46
      aguestuser authored
      [hotfix] remove english-language DESTROY from FR strings
      See merge request !218
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      Merge branch '223-bulk-invites' into 'master' · 5912b6f6
      aguestuser authored
      [#223] Resolve "bulk invites"
      Closes #223
      See merge request !217
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      [233] parse + process invites for a list of phone numbers in INVITE · 93d10f6f
      aguestuser authored
      in `commands.parse`:
      * expect a comma-separated list of locally-formatted numbers plus
        country code as input to INVITE payload
      * attempt to parse an array of e164 phone numbers from list
      * if any list elements cannot be parsed to valid e164 numbers, return
        parse error with message specifying which numbers should be reformatted
      * if all list elements can be parsed to e164 numbers, pass Executable
        to next processing step
      in `commands.execute`:
      * assume payload to INVITE is an array of phone numbers (not a single
        phone number)
      * attempt to record invites for all phone numbers
      * if all invite processing succeeds, return a success message and notifications
        for all numbers
      * if any invites have db errors:
        * return an error message that specifies which invitee numbers
          should be retried
        * return notifications for all invites that succeed (so they will be
          sent even if some invite have db eror)
      in `dispatcher.run`:
      * handle the fact that ADD and INVITE now have different payload
        signatures in `setExpiryTimeForFirstTimeUsers` (ADD returns a single
        phone number, INVITE returns an array)
      in tests:
      * add some missing tests to exercise `vouchedInviteReceived` by
        adding a scenario where `vouchLevel` is greater than 1 (to make it
        possible to only user simpler/terser `inviteReceived` in other) tests
      * refactor a bunch of junk to make sure translations/payloads are
        well-tested that i'm too lazy to write down here!
  6. 30 Mar, 2020 2 commits
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      [233] further refactor `validators.phoneNumber` · 8527c8b3
      aguestuser authored
      * eliminate `isValid` field (since we can infer invalid phone number
        from null `phoneNumber` field)
      * adjust `commands.parse` accordingly
      * do some cleaning up for terseness while we're at it :)
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      [223] refactor `validations.phoneNumber` · c97000fa
      aguestuser authored
      * always return an `input` field with raw input (valuable if trying to
        return errors for array of validated results that failed)
      * return null instead of stripped number if validation fails (because
        a stripped invalid number is both confusing and not useful for anything)
  7. 29 Mar, 2020 5 commits