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......@@ -57,7 +57,9 @@ If a background plugin `fetch()` succeeds, the result is added to the cache and
## Stashed versions invalidation
TODO: Documented in this ticket --
Invalidation heuristic is rather naïve, and boils down to checking if either of `X-Samizdat-Method` or `X-Samizdat-ETag` differs between the response from a live plugin and whatever has already been stashed by a stashing plugin. If either differs, the live plugin response is considered "*fresher*".
This is far from ideal and will need improvements in the long-term. The difficulty is that different live plugins can provide different ways of determining the "*freshness*" of fetched content -- HTTPS-based requests offer `ETag`, `Date`, `Last-Modified`, and other headers that can help with that; whereas IPFS can't really offer much apart from the address which itself is a hash of the content, so at least we know the content is *different* (but is it *fresher* though?).
## Messaging
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