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actualizar la base de datos de caniuse

parent 33fce61c
......@@ -1549,9 +1549,9 @@ camelcase@^5.0.0:
integrity sha512-L28STB170nwWS63UjtlEOE3dldQApaJXZkOI1uMFfzf3rRuPegHaHesyee+YxQ+W6SvRDQV6UrdOdRiR153wJg==
version "1.0.30001165"
resolved ""
integrity sha512-8cEsSMwXfx7lWSUMA2s08z9dIgsnR5NAqjXP23stdsU3AUWkCr/rr4s4OFtHXn5XXr6+7kam3QFVoYyXNPdJPA==
version "1.0.30001230"
resolved ""
integrity sha512-5yBd5nWCBS+jWKTcHOzXwo5xzcj4ePE/yjtkZyUV1BTUmrBaA9MRGC+e7mxnqXSA90CmCA8L3eKLaSUkt099IQ==
chalk@^2.0.0, chalk@^2.4.2:
version "2.4.2"
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