Authored by Michał "rysiek" Woźniak 🔒

samizdat-cli Gun user creation fail

Testing Gun user creation via samizdat-cli. User gets created, public key gets propagated, but it's impossible to log-in as the user.

samizdat-cli-gun-user-create.log 1.64 KB
  • Whereas auth()ing as a user that was created directly in the browser works just fine:

    root@da2748782596:/tmp/samizdat/samizdat-cli# node . -u samizdat-test3 -p samizdat-test3 gun-update /index.html /ipfs/QmbvCGSDLTUv7e4tqm27aePbF8fGKfUNm2GsCbSgDQgiLV
    Hello wonderful person! :) Thanks for using GUN, feel free to ask for help on and ask StackOverflow questions tagged with 'gun'!
    AXE enabled.
    AXE enabled.
    Update user authenticated using password.
    Verification user authenticated from a pubkey.
    +-- update confirmed for: /index.html [/ipfs/QmbvCGSDLTUv7e4tqm27aePbF8fGKfUNm2GsCbSgDQgiLV]
    All updates confirmed successful!
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