Commit fd0d45ef authored by georg's avatar georg

install: don't check for v2 data anymore

Support to migrate Schleuder v2 lists to v3 will be dropped in v4.
Accordingly, remove the check for v2 data before doing the installation.

Most of the corresponding code was already removed via ca34e9ac.

Relates !225
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......@@ -89,12 +89,6 @@ module Schleuder
config_dir =['SCHLEUDER_CONFIG']).dirname
root_dir =['SCHLEUDER_ROOT'])
# Check if lists_dir contains v2-data.
if Dir.glob("#{Conf.lists_dir}/*/*/members.conf").size > 0
msg = "Lists directory #{Conf.lists_dir} appears to contain data from a Schleuder version 2.x installation.\nPlease move it out of the way or configure a different `lists_dir` in `#{ENV['SCHLEUDER_CONFIG']}`.\nTo migrate lists from Schleuder v2 to Schleuder v3 please use `schleuder migrate_v2_list` after the installation succeeded."
fatal msg, 2
[Conf.keyword_handlers_dir, Conf.lists_dir, Conf.listlogs_dir, config_dir].each do |dir|
dir =
if ! dir.exist?
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