Commit 8e7f9a82 authored by georg's avatar georg

Merge branch '324-ci-debian-introduce-piuparts' into 'master'

CI: Debian: Introduce piuparts (package install, upgrade, removal)

See merge request !211
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Pipeline #21770 failed with stages
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......@@ -209,5 +209,20 @@ debian:lintian:
- lintian --allow-root --display-experimental --display-info --info --pedantic results/*.changes
allow_failure: true
stage: debian:qa
image: genericpipeline/piuparts-docker
- docker:dind
- CHROOT_PATH=/tmp/debian-unstable
- CONTAINER_ID=$(docker run --rm -d debian:unstable sleep infinity)
- docker exec ${CONTAINER_ID} bash -c "apt-get update"
- mkdir -p ${CHROOT_PATH}
- docker export ${CONTAINER_ID} | tar -C ${CHROOT_PATH} -xf -
- mknod -m 666 ${CHROOT_PATH}/dev/urandom c 1 9
- piuparts --hard-link -e ${CHROOT_PATH} results/*.deb
allow_failure: true
# TODO: Introduce job to check package for reproducibility. Currently, the toolchain is still experimental: Using
# reprotest, even with all variations disabled, makes the build fail.
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