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Even more text work.

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......@@ -18,8 +18,8 @@ This project adheres to [Semantic Versioning](
* **When migrating a v2-list, lookup keys for subscriptions** and assign the fingerprint if it was a distinct match. Otherwise people that had no fingerprint set before will receive plaintext emails — because in v3 we're not anymore looking up keys for subscriptions by email address. (To fix this for already migrated lists please use `schleuder pin_keys $listname`).
* When migrating a v2-list, assign the looked up fingerprint to an admin only if it was a distinct match.
* When migrating a v2-list, do not enable delivery for admins that weren't a member. (#213)
* Fix importing v2 lists with duplicated members (#208)
* Fix importing v2 lists where admins do not have a proper key. (#207)
* When migration a v2-list, subscribe duplicated members only once (#208)
* When migrating a v2-list, properly deal with admins that have no (valid) key. (#207)
* schleuder-api-daemon SysV init script: Fix formatting and styling, add recommend and required commands {status,reload,force-reload} by Lintian. (#230)
* Do not detect Cron-Emails as bounces (#205)
* Don't require database-adapter early. Helps when using a different database-system than sqlite.
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