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      CI: changelog: fetch our repository · 16f11496
      georg authored
      The changelog job requires to fetch the latest state of the repository,
      otherwise the result of this check might not be correct.
      Up until now, 'origin' was fetched, which points, by default, to the
      remote repository a local checkout was cloned from, initially.
      This works for our repository, but might fail for forks, depending on
      when they were forked and if they were updated in the meantime.
      This commit ensures the correct repository is fetched. Besides this, the
      amount of data fetched is limited.
      Ref !374
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      Version 4.0.0 · 09067806
      paz authored
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      Merge branch 'ci-rules-instead-of-only-except' into 'master' · 1c4b7335
      georg authored
      CI: Transition to rules, instead of deprecated only/except clauses
      Closes #469
      See merge request !365
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      Merge branch 'spec-helper-simplecov-html' into 'master' · a6e84abc
      georg authored
      spec_helper: save simplecov output as HTML
      See merge request !366
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      CI: Transition to rules, instead of deprecated only/except clauses · d3c6020b
      georg authored
      In most cases, relying on rules instead of only/except clauses offers
      more possibilites.
      This commit changes the CI pipeline configuration as follows:
      - Pipelines are executed with the Ruby rspec jobs for all branches,
      except if an associated MR exists.
      - In this case, create a so called "detached pipeline" with all, the
      Ruby rspec and MR-specific, jobs.
      - Pipelines aren't executed for tags at all, as the relevant commits are
      tested in any case.
      This prevents duplicated pipelines and therefore wasted resources.
      Besides this, the CHANGELOG job result gets more reliable: up until now,
      the result of it was timing-sensitive, as it queried the GitLab API to
      search for an associated MR, to get the target branch to compare
      against. This would fail in case a branch was pushed, the job started
      but a MR only created some time afterwards, as there would be no target
      branch, yet.
      Now, as the job is run within the "detached pipeline" of a MR, and
      relies on the MR-specific target branch exposed via a variable, this job
      isn't timing-sensitive anymore.
      To ensure these changes do work as expected, they were extensively
      tested in a forked repo.
      Closes #469
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      spec_helper: save simplecov output as HTML · b812668e
      georg authored
      Ref !287
      Ref 2f779414
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      Merge branch 'small40' into 'master' · 7b7de997
      Nina authored
      Collected changes for v4.0
      Closes #286, #380, #174, #374, #411, and #422
      See merge request !367