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Comment and fix example schleuder-config.

parent 3489aea4
superadmin: root@localhost
# Where are the list-directories stored (contain log-files and GnuPG-keyrings).
lists_dir: /var/schleuder/lists
# Schleuder reads plugins also from this directory.
plugins_dir: /etc/schleuder/plugins
# How verbose should Schleuder log to syslog? (list-specific messages are written to the list's log-file).
log_level: warn
# For these options see documentation for ActionMailer::smtp_settings, e.g. <>.
# For explanation see documentation for ActionMailer::smtp_settings, e.g. <>.
address: localhost
port: 25
......@@ -13,10 +17,9 @@ smtp_settings:
# The database to use. Unless you want to run the tests you only need the `production`-section.
adapter: 'sqlite3'
database: /var/schleuder/db.sqlite
adapter: 'sqlite3'
database: db/development.sqlite3
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