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    Change way to block passphrase interaction · 0b7c3a9f
    paz authored
    This changes the way we block gpg from asking interactively for a
    passphrase, ever. It's also a less hacky way to force this. This works
    with gpg-2.0.26+gpgme-1.5.1, gpg-2.1.18+gpgme-1.8.0,
    gpg-2.2.27+gpgme-1.14.0, and gpg-2.2.27+gpgme-1.15.1, which makes me
    optimistic that it's universally working.
    The previous solution brought problems for some platforms and specific
    combinations of gnupg with gpgme (resulting in "GPGME::Error no such
    file or directory").
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