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title: "Meet Schleuder devs in Berlin"
date: "2019-02-21"
For everyone located in or near Berlin, Germany (or willing to travel): On Friday, Jan 3rd, the Schleuder development team will meet in a restaurant in Berlin, and would be pleased to have a chat with you!
We have no schedule, just time to sit around, discuss ideas, ask questions, and have some drinks or food. Anyone is welcome, be they technically minded, politically interested or simply curious! *Friday, 2020-01-03, from 7pm (local time), at Kuchen Kaiser* (Oranienplatz 11-13, Berlin, Germany).
......@@ -10,8 +10,6 @@ Schleuder is a group's email-gateway: subscribers can exchange encrypted emails
We give our time and knowledge to build and maintain this project in order to help people with their daily private communication and in the struggle for their personal emancipation, social and economic justice and political freedom. [Why we do it](MISSION_STATEMENT.html)
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### Schleuder
......@@ -19,17 +17,11 @@ Documentation:
* [for subscribers](schleuder/docs/subscribers.html)
* [for list-admins](schleuder/docs/list-admins.html)
* [for server-admins](schleuder/docs/server-admins.html)
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### Projects
These projects also belong to the schleuder-family:
* [schleuder-web](schleuder-web)
* [schleuder-cli](schleuder-cli)
* [schleuder-gitlab-ticketing](schleuder-gitlab-ticketing)
{% include project="schleuder" %}
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