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### News
<span class='date'>2018-05-14</span>: **Schleuder 3.2.3 released!** This release fixes some bugs, e.g. with emails sent by Thunderbird/Enigmail with "protected subjects" (they are not leaked anymore and keywords can be found again). Also error messages are converted into human readable text now, instead of giving their class-name. And we moved the project to our own domain,! For all details please see the [changelog]( Packages for Debian and CentOS will follow as soon as possible. *This release is **not** related to "efail" (a disclosure of vulnerabilities in email-programs that handle encrypted HTML-messages).*
<span class='date'>2018-03-28</span>: **Vulnerability in dependencies of schleuder-web.** Anyone running schleuder-web should update the gems "loofah" and "rails-html-sanitizer" by running "bundle update loofah rails-html-sanitizer" as soon as possible. (See [CVE-2018-8048]( and [CVE-2018-3741]( for details.)
<span class='date'>2018-02-19</span>: **Linux-packages for Schleuder 3.2.2 available.** For Debian (stretch-backports) and CentOS (EL 7) there are now packages of Schleuder version 3.2.2 available to easily install and upgrade it. Please see the [installation instructions]( for details on how to use the packages. For details about version 3.2.2 please read the [changelog](
<span class='date'>2018-02-06</span>: **Schleuder 3.2.2 released!** This release fixes some minor bugs, e.g. with lingering dirmngr-processes, parsing keywords from big messages, and OpenPGP-keys with non-ASCII-characters. It also pins the "mail"-library to version 2.6, because 2.7 seems to have problems. For all details please see the [changelog](
*Older news can be found in the [archive of the announce-mailinglist](*
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