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......@@ -28,12 +28,15 @@ These projects also belong to the schleuder-family:
* [schleuder-web](schleuder-web)
* [schleuder-cli](schleuder-cli)
* [schleuder-gitlab-ticketing](schleuder-gitlab-ticketing)
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### News
<span class='date'>2019-02-21</span>: **Schleuder Gitlab Ticketing 1.0.0 released!** Since Schleuder 3.3.0 it is possible to extend the schleuder filters through externally provided filters. A project that is using this mechanism is the [schleuder-gitlab-ticketing](schleuder-gitlab-ticketing) project, that provides tracking functionality of your schleuder messaging within a gitlab issue tracker. This is especially built and helpful for schleuder lists being used as helpdesk or project gateway. Read more about the functionality on the projects summary page: [schleuder-gitlab-ticketing](schleuder-gitlab-ticketing).
<span class='date'>2019-02-14</span>: **Schleuder 3.4.0 released!** This release ships an important privacy fix: To not leak keywords (for example via resent messages), HTML is now stripped from multipart/alternative messages if they contain keywords. For all details please see the [changelog](
<span class='date'>2019-01-24</span>: **Meet Schleuder devs in Frankfurt/Main**. For everyone located in or near Frankfurt/Main, Germany (or willing to travel): On Friday, Feb 1st, the Schleuder development team will meet in a restaurant in Frankfurt, and would be pleased to have a chat with you! We have no schedule, just time to sit around, discuss ideas, ask questions, and have some drinks or food. Anyone is welcome, be they technically minded, politically interested or simply curious! *Friday, 2019-02-01, from 7pm (local time), at Heck Meck* (Friesengasse 19, Frankfurt am Main, Germany).
title: Schleuder-gitlab-ticketing
Schleuder Gitlab Ticketing combines a schleuder list with the issue tracker of a gitlab project and operates as a state tracker of threads on the list. This allows one to keep an overview on the state of various requests on a help desk powered by schleuder
It is hooked into schleuder by a) installing the gem and b) configuring schleuder lists to use that plugin.
For details and instructions on how to install and use it, please read the [Readme](
{% include project="schleuder-gitlab-ticketing" %}
......@@ -21,6 +21,8 @@ Here's a simple picture of a message that is sent to a non-subscriber ("Zacharia
[![resent-schema](schleuder-schema-resend-small.png 'Click to enlarge')](schleuder-schema-resend.png)
Additionally, it is possible to combine a list being used as a helpdesk to be combined with a Gitlab issue tracker. To learn more about that, have a look at the [project description](../../schleuder-gitlab-ticketing/).
### A helpful bot
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