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title: "Schleuder 4.0.1 released"
date: "2021-05-18"
This release ships one bug fix:
* `x-add-key` is able to handle attached, binary key material.
Please see the [user-relevant changes]({{ "schleuder/docs/changes.html" | absolute_url }}) and the [changelog]( for details.
......@@ -12,4 +12,5 @@ User-relevant changes in version 4.0 compared to version 3.6:
* It is now mandatory to use a blank line to separate keywords from email content. This change allows looking for keyword arguments in the following lines, too. If you omit the blank line, the start of your email content will be interpreted as keyword argument (which probably will result in an error). There is no need to use blank lines between multiple keywords.
* Please only use `X-LIST-NAME` from now on, `X-LISTNAME` has been removed.
* `X-DELETE-KEY` may only be given fingerprints in order to identify keys. No fuzzy matching of strings happens anymore in order to avoid accidental destructive actions.
* `X-ADD-KEY` is able to handle attached, binary key material.
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