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Style participate box

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### Participate
{::options parse_block_html="true" /}
<div class="participate">
To **participate** in the development use the [issue tracker]({{ include.project }}/issues). Please take note of our [Code of Conduct]({{ "CODE_OF_CONDUCT.html" | absolute_url }}).
......@@ -122,4 +122,23 @@,
background-image: none;
text-decoration: underline !important;
font-weight: bold;
.participate {
background-color: $green-light;
color: black;
border: none;
border-radius: 0;
text-align: center;
font-family: $family-monospace;
padding: 1rem;
a {
text-decoration: underline !important;
background-image: none;
font-weight: bold;
.docs .participate {
margin-top: 4rem;
\ No newline at end of file
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