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#### Subscription and key management
The following keywords must be send to the request address of the list: `foo-request@hostname`.
The following keywords must be send to the request address of the list: `foo-request@hostname`.
Include `x-list-name: foo@hostname` with every command you send.
x-set-fingerprint: 0x12345678DEADBEEF12345678DEADBEEF12345678
: Import the attachment(s) or the rest of the email-body into the list’s keyring. Only ascii-armored keys are supported.
**x-set-fingerprint:** 0x12345678DEADBEEF12345678DEADBEEF12345678
: Assign the key with the given fingerprint to your subscription. It is not possible to set an empty fingerprint. To unset your fingerprint use `x-unset-fingerprint`.
: Remove the fingerprint associated with your subscription.
#### Example: Updating your key for a list
All commands to switch to a **new** key must be signed with the current **old** key.
##### 1. submit new key to lists keyring
x-list-name: foo@hostname
A successful answer should look something like this:
> This key was newly added:
> 0x12345678DEADBEEF12345678DEADBEEF12345678 2019-05-23 [expires: 2023-05-23]
##### 2. verify that uploaded key made it into the keyring
x-list-name: foo@hostname
The answer will be a list of all keys in the lists keyring.
Make sure, your **new** key is in the keyring now.
##### 3. change you subscription to use the new key
x-list-name: foo@hostname
x-set-fingerprint: 0x12345678DEADBEEF12345678DEADBEEF12345678
A successful answer should look something like this:
> Fingerprint for set to 12345678DEADBEEF12345678DEADBEEF12345678.
From now on, all mails will be encrpyted to the **new** key
and all your mails must be signed with this key.
##### One caveat: disabled commands
To further improve security and confidentiality, list-admins can manually **disable certain commands**
like `x-add-key` for mere subscribers of the list. With these commands disabled for you,
you have to rely on the list-admin for key management.
#### Resending
The resending-keywords must be included in messages sent to the normal list-address: `foo@hostname`.
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