Commit 104236a6 authored by mh's avatar mh
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if we do connect to an external connector, we likely are not allowed to create the database

parent ae49aec6
......@@ -2,4 +2,14 @@
class schleuder::centos inherits schleuder::base {
require scl::ruby27
Package['rh-ruby27-ruby-devel','rh-ruby27-rubygem-bundler'] -> Package['schleuder']
if !empty($schleuder::database_config) and $schleuder::database_config['adapter'] in ['postgresql','mysql'] {
exec { 'scl enable rh-ruby27 -- bundle exec rake db:schema:load db:migrate':
cwd => '/opt/schleuder',
environment => ['RUBYLIB=/opt/schleuder/lib'],
unless => 'scl enable rh-ruby27 -- bundle exec ruby -e \'require \"schleuder\"; exit ActiveRecord::SchemaMigration.table_exists?\'',
require => File['/etc/schleuder/schleuder.yml'],
notify => Exec['schleuder install'],
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