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Commit 9a73a18b authored by paz's avatar paz

Version 3.0.0.beta5 (README, gems)

parent c75aa112
remote: .
schleuder (3.0.0.beta3)
schleuder (3.0.0.beta5)
activerecord (~> 4.1)
mail-gpg (~> 0)
rake (~> 10)
......@@ -16,15 +16,15 @@ Requirements
1. Download [the gem]( and [the OpenPGP-signature]( and verify:
1. Download [the gem]( and [the OpenPGP-signature]( and verify:
gpg --recv-key 0x75C9B62688F93AC6574BDE7ED8A6EF816E1C6F25
gpg --verify schleuder-3.0.0.beta4.gem.sig
gpg --verify schleuder-3.0.0.beta5.gem.sig
2. If all went well install the gem:
gem install schleuder-3.0.0.beta4.gem
gem install schleuder-3.0.0.beta5.gem
3. Set up schleuder:
module Schleuder
VERSION = '3.0.0.beta4'
VERSION = '3.0.0.beta5'
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