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      Merge branch '249-fix-keyword-matching' into 'master' · e30acd24
      georg authored
      Resolve "matching keywords in body is too strict"
      Closes #249
      See merge request schleuder/schleuder!199
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      CI: Introduce job to check Debian package for errors · 7ad5f4da
      georg authored
      Lintian is a tool used within Debian, to check packages for errors and
      compliance with the Debian policy.
      Relates #324
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      Merge branch '357-no-unsubscribe-last-admin' into 'master' · 21bcd376
      paz authored
      Resolve "last/only remaining admin can self-unsubscribe via x-unsubscribe, leaving the list without any admin"
      Closes #357
      See merge request schleuder/schleuder!201
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      Improve parsing of keywords - first part of #249 · bc7f412a
      ng authored
      This changes the way how we parse for keywords to the following
        1. Ignore any empty/pure-whitespace lines at the beginning of
           the first plain_text_part message.
        2. If you match something /^X\-.*/ start matching for plugins,
           else abort.
        3. Once you matched a plugin, but you have a new
           non-empty/pure-whitespace line starting with something
           different than /^X\-.*/ abort looking for plugin names.
      This fixes the most common problems with lines starting with `X-`
      further down in the body of an email, while keeping all of the
      existing behavior and functionality.
      Any further improvements to the code base and the parsing of
      mails as discussed in #249 is postponed to future work. Tis work
      should go together with work in #359 which will allow to change
      the structure of plugins.
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      Merge branch... · 89d60b0b
      ng authored
      Merge branch '354-admins-with-delivery_enabled-false-are-not-getting-results-of-mails-they-send-to-request-address' into 'master'
      Resolve "Admins with delivery_enabled=false are not getting results of mails they send to -request-address"
      Closes #354
      See merge request schleuder/schleuder!200
  7. 12 Jul, 2018 3 commits
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      Delete `puts` from spec-file. · afe28266
      paz authored
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      CI: Introduce job to build Debian package · de6adfe4
      georg authored
      This enables us to get fast(er) feedback in merge requests regarding the
      Debian-side of things. It allows to spot errors and to find breaking
      changes earlier.
      Besides, this will reduce the time between the upstream release and the
      upload to Debian. It enables to do necessary Debian packaging changes
      while the new upstream version is still in development, in contrast to
      postpone if after the actual release, which was the situation before
      this commit.
      Less pain, more joy to come. \m/
      Relates #324
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