Commit b4d8e691 authored by azul's avatar azul

Merge branch 'fix-comparison-with-nil' into 'master'

Fix comparison with nil

Closes #304

See merge request !297
parents 441b6898 855387f6
......@@ -119,7 +119,7 @@ class Asset < ApplicationRecord
dependent: :destroy do
def preview_images
select { |t| %w[small medium large].include?( }.
def other_formats
%h3 Stylesheets
- optional_stylesheets.each do |style|
%li= link_to "#{style}.css", current_theme.stylesheet_url(style), target: '_blank'
= link_to 'screen.css', current_theme.stylesheet_url('screen'), target: '_blank'
= link_to '(refresh)', current_theme.stylesheet_url('screen_refresh'), target: '_blank'
-# $('debug_history').update(JSON.stringify({url:History.getState().url, data:History.getState().data}));
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