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changes: add 0.6.4 release

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Changes in Crabgrass 0.7.0
Changes in Crabgrass 0.6.4
Last stop before ruby 2.3 and then rails 5.2
This is the last release that will work with ruby 2.1 (the native ruby
on debian jessie).
We moved to a more continuous development model without releases in the
last years. For details about all the changes see the git history.
One particular focus of this release has been security and i18n improvements
developed by digitaria and cognata and sponsored by the prototype fund.
In particular users can now upload their OpenPGP public key to receive
encrypted notification messages. Content Security Policies have been
added and the usability in the tor browser has been improved.
Translations have been cleaned up and updated.
We also moved from our own permission system to pundit. The tracking
system was collecting stats that we were not exposing anywhere in the
UI. So it has been removed just like other unused code.
Changes in Crabgrass 0.6.3
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