Commit e92d8a4e authored by azul's avatar azul

0.6.1 - bugfix release and ui rework

Lot's of tests and bugfixes happened since 0.6.0.
We've also seen great support from the communitee
in translating the new user interface to a lot of languages.
Elijah reworked the ui and ported it to use bootstrap 3.
We also improved the security of the password hashes by using
has_secure_password which relies on bcrypt rather than SHA1

Updated dependencies:
* bootstrap 3
* works with ruby 2.1

Final tweaks:
 * i18n: update from transifex
 * resolve symlinks for page cache dir
 * use new syntax for setting table names
 * clean up assets: remove gif icons and remove deprecated cg:compile_assets

Pull request #202 from azul/tweak/group-wikis
 * only load group wikis with body, fix tests
 * tweak: group wikis preserve current profile on edit
 * tweak: group wiki markup and edit link
 * show more members on group landing page.
 * Merge branch 'develop' of ssh:// into develop

Pull request #200 from azul/feature/secure_password
 * refactor: UserExtension::LegacyPasswords
 * use has_secure_password and wrap old sha1 hashes
 * font fixes: use Verdana as default font, like old crabgrass, and fix wiki heading.
 * added credit to riseup bird.
 * riseup theme improvements (put a 'bird on it' login screen edition)
 * center login for default home page.
 * theme: allow theme to specify custom home page.

Pull request #201 from azul/bugfix/gallery-nav

Pull request #199 from azul/feature/membership-link
 * link to all users in sidebar if there are > 20

Pull request #198 from azul/bugfix/request-links
 * fix links in requests

Pull request #197 from azul/bugfix/deprecations
 * upgrade: use i18n 0.7 to get rid of deprecation warning
 * log deprecation messages in all environments using notifications
 * silence 2.3 plugin deprecation for now

Pull request #196 from azul/bugfix/group-wikis
 * fix group wiki editing with integration test
 * move group wiki actions into settings

Pull request #195 from azul/i18n/fixes
 * signup needs username not 'login' which is a verb.
 * i18n: fix request destruction message
 * i18n: update from transifex

Pull request #194 from azul/bugfix/email-invites
 * fix reload of the mail request page with a code
 * test: make sure other peoples requests are hidden
 * also trigger spinning wheels in .buttons divs
 * email invites now have a working link.
 * bring back email invites to groups

Pull request #192 from azul/bugfix/update-sidebar
 * bugfix: update page sidebar after removing attachment
 * bugfix: update sidebar after removing tags

Pull request #193 from azul/bugfix/password-reset
 * bugfix: password reset again - now with test

Pull request #191 from azul/develop
 * fix page integration tests

Pull request #190 from elijh/feature/ui
 * many more UI tweaks
 * very many tiny UI changes
 * remove unused custom theme column code
 * remove internet explorer hacks
 * remove cache from nav boxes

Pull request #189 from azul/bugfix/top_menu-order
 * remove caching of top menu and bring back tracking

Pull request #188 from azul/bugfix/confirm-cancel-account
 * bugfix: confirm before removing account

Pull request #187 from azul/bugfix/recover-password
 * wrap alert messages in #alert_messages only once
 * adopt tests to new bootstrap 3 markup
 * bugfix: tweak user validations, make sure passwords are at least 8 chars
 * fix password recovery
 * fix typos in css merge.
 * rename scss partials to begin with underscore.
 * clean up how we customize bootstrap
 * remove debugging messages
 * spring cleaning: removed commented out view and css code
 * fix failing integration test
 * various ui tweaks to bootstrap 3 upgrade
 * support for small banners
 * slightly more clarify when editing group home wikis
 * clean up display of user profile page
 * cleaned up themes, removed blueberry, updated riseup theme for bootstrap 3.
 * upgrade to bootstrap 3
 * allow all page search forms to use the enter key for submission.
 * remove config/

Pull request #186 from azul/bugfix/ui-tweaks
 * ui: default to the private group wiki for members is there is one
 * ui: prefer display name over name, tags in group page search

Pull request #184 from azul/bugfix/invalid-requests
 * group is gone if RequestToDestroyOurGroup is approved
 * cleanup: dead requests with a rake task
 * requests require the recipient to exist - not just an id

Pull request #183 from azul/bugfix/email-content
 * remove .text suffix from Mailer templates

Pull request #181 from azul/bugfix/meaningful-title
 * bugfix: set html title to page title - with tests

Pull request #182 from azul/bugfix/format-help
 * help: bring back formatting help with integration test
 * config: check if bundler responds_to current_ruby at all
 * config: make sure we still support old bundler

Pull request #180 from azul/config/from-etc
 * config: fetch some rails options from crabgrass config

Pull request #179 from azul/test/ruby2
 * libreoffice 3.5 fails and we need more than just -common
 * better error handling if libre office fails
 * test: figure out what's wrong with gm / ps on travis
 * tests: fix test that was formerly hidden by dup
 * ruby2: only use Rails::Rack::Debugger debugger gem
 * bring back tests that had duplicate names
 * ruby2: make sure theres a page for blue with tags
 * ruby2: another respond_to? including protected
 * ruby2: we can call protected methods on superclass
 * ruby2: only use valid args in a Hash[]
 * ruby2: respond_to? now returns false for protected methods
 * ruby2: use byebug for debugging
 * add the debian 8 default ruby

Pull request #178 from azul/bugfix/page-updated-by
 * add rake task to fix contributor count once
 * clean up strange behaviour related to page contributors
 * mark wiki pages as updated on wiki update
 * upgrade acts_as_versioned to avoid AR 3.2 deprecated calls
 * wiki has_one page instead of has_many and #page, #page=

Pull request #177 from azul/bugfix/i18n
 * i18n: translation fixes for group structure settings
 * i18n: translate email notification settings
 * translate back button on print view

Pull request #154 from ben-pr-p/develop
 * made azul's changes
 * Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/develop' into develop
 * Added hidden back button to print page
 * adopt tests to new behaviour of people search
 * user directory: always show peers, never show all users
 * revert private message caching - harldy any effect

Pull request #176 from azul/performance/private_messages
 * cache private messages in overview

Pull request #175 from azul/performance/private_messages
 * include users in discussion.posts for /me/messages/user
 * index for relationships for the discussion in me/messages

Pull request #174 from azul/bugfix/order-tweaks
 * display the last private messages - not the first.

Pull request #173 from azul/bugfix/order-tweaks
 * fix order of private message overview
 * tweak recent page list order, caching and time format

Pull request #171 from azul/performance/posts
 * performance: tweak page posts to not run n+1 queries

Pull request #172 from azul/bugfix/active-tabs
 * test: detect loading of new thumbnail so server is done
 * add tests i forgot earlier on
 * move current_theme into its own module
 * fix active tabs on group landing and people directory

Pull request #170 from azul/performance/post-comment
 * fix tests - we should use fixtures for integration tests
 * tweak includes for page posts some
 * performance: drop posts_count from pages
 * refactor: move post creation into page model from controller
 * tweak page callbacks to only run when needed

Pull request #169 from azul/bugfix/stay-on-top
 * stay on top of wiki pages - do not scroll to bottom

Pull request #168 from azul/bugfix/include-preload-in-autocomplete
 * Include preloaded results in filtered autocomplete queries

Pull request #167 from azul/bugfix/html-safe-bold
 * mark translation with bold group name as html_safe
 * if using rbenv, pin the ruby version to match what is on the deployed environment for debian stable.

Pull request #166 from azul/bugfix/entity-enum
 * bugfix/no-ids-in-search-paths

Pull request #165 from azul/bugfix/hidden-group-banner
 * bugfix: do not show Home and Pages links for hidden groups

Pull request #164 from azul/bugfix/share-issues
 * encode + in group names in share autocomplete

Pull request #163 from azul/bugfix/page-issues
 * bugfix: pagination in insert image to wiki modalbox
 * bugfix: reload page sidebar after attaching file

Pull request #162 from azul/bugfix/missing-files
 * bugfix: 404 instead of a 500 for missing asset file

Pull request #160 from azul/bugfix/wiki-asset-upload
 * render wiki edit without section
 * Fix wiki asset upload form markup

Pull request #161 from azul/bugfix/mailer
 * bugfix: no more recipients method in rails3 mailers
 * key for norwegian 'no': otherwise yaml thinks false
 * fixup: actually include the rails/no translation
 * i18n: Include norwegian date locals

Pull request #158 from azul/bugfix/i18n-issues
 * Also handle other ArgumentErrors than TranslationMissing

Pull request #159 from azul/bugfix/tag-issues
 * refactor: set owner and context in a more clean way
 * bugfix: add tags on page creation with test
 * cleanup task for taggings without taggable_id

Pull request #157 from azul/bugfix/i18n-issues
 * recover from I18n::ArgumentErrors in Production
 * Revert "i18n: use the active record scope for requests"
 * remove remaining cached default avatar
 * cleanup: invalid chat remains
 * rake task to reset peer caches

Pull request #155 from azul/feature/peers-without-large-groups
 * upgrade: use rails3 / arel instead of SQL strings
 * first step for making large groups not count for peers

Pull request #156 from azul/bugfix/cleanup-duplicate-translations
 * i18n: use the active record scope for requests

Pull request #153 from riseuplabs/bugfix/group-avatar-setting
 * bugfix: avatars always use a single resource

Pull request #151 from riseuplabs/bugfix/speed-up-peer-directory
 * performance: tweaks to the peer directory. only search for now.

Pull request #152 from riseuplabs/bugfix/wiki-toggles
 * bugfix: only show available wiki toggles

Pull request #149 from riseuplabs/feature/hide_groups_by_default
 * hide new groups by default
 * gitignore: config/crabgrass/crabgrass.production.yml
 * typo - oh my... = is not the same as ==

Pull request #150 from riseuplabs/bugfix/upgrade-fixes
 * fix typo - no need to print . when converting messages
 * remove committees without parent before migrating permissions
 * upgrade: deal with groups without a public profile
 * i18n: updated translations, norsk added
 * speed up permission creation for groups some

Pull request #148 from riseuplabs/feature/hide-committees
 * migration: hide committees of hidden groups

Pull request #147 from riseuplabs/performance/tweak-permission-migrations
 * performance: tweaks for user permission migration

Pull request #146 from riseuplabs/feature/log_level_from_config
 * config: read log level from config if given

Pull request #145 from riseuplabs/bugfix/survey-response

Pull request #144 from riseuplabs/docs/develop-notes
 * doc: confirm and cleanup issues in roadmap some
 * doc: small tweaks for install and testing
 * doc: create roadmap from dev notes
 * do not apply cg:cleanup:committee_without_parent by default

Pull request #143 from azul/upgrade/owner_id_in_page_terms
 * upgrade: Add owner_id to page terms so we can search pages by owner

Pull request #142 from azul/bugfix/edit-profile
 * bugfix: display banner properly

Pull request #141 from azul/service/cleanup-invalid-records
 * Revert "remove references to ExternalVideo"
 * ghosts now link to /none and display :deleted.t
 * cleanup: PageHistrories without a user
 * cleanup: chat channels of groups that are long gone
 * cleanup: chat messages without a sender
 * cleanup: dummy ExternalVideo class to keep ExternalVideoPages valid
 * cleanup: also remove duplicate users that have been updated

Pull request #140 from azul/service/cleanup-invalid-records
 * use plunck instead of select(:id).map(&:id)
 * cleanup: Remove posts of users that do not exist anymore
 * cleanup: Remove email requests with invalid email
 * cleanup: fix invalid states of requests
 * cleanup: remove empty tasks
 * cleanup: added rake db:data:revalidate
 * cleanup: fix invalid activity type

Pull request #139 from azul/service/cleanup-invalid-records
 * document: config setting enabled_tools now is enabled_pages
 * remove references to ExternalVideo
 * better progress indicator for rake db:data:validate
 * cleanup: deal with federations between networks
 * remove presence validation for Committee.parent
 * show progress during rake db:data:validate
 * remove duplicate users
 * cleanup Group.destroy is protected - use delete_all...
 * work around moved cg.production.config on
 * no committees without parent
 * remove groups with duplicate & invalid names
 * cleanup: remove PageHistories without a page
 * upgrade: tweak MessagePageConversion
 * silence sphinx delta indexing in production
 * one upgrade task to rule them all
 * cleanup: Drop all invalid email addresses
 * cleanup: dump duplicate taggings
 * cleanup cleanup.rake merge remains
 * Merge branch 'develop' into origin/develop
 * doc: fix install instructions - thanks nick
 * remove cached default avatars.
 * setup: move production config to example
 * gitignore tmp and log entirely

Pull request #138 from azul/service/cleanup-invalid-records
 * cleanup: unused tags and duplicate tags

Pull request #137 from azul/service/cleanup-invalid-records
 * cleanup: more tasks + cg:cleanup:all
 * cleanup: more tasks + cg:cleanup:all

Pull request #136 from azul/service/cleanup-invalid-records
 * all records are valid now after rake db:fixtures:load
 * drop unused classes lacking database table
 * validate: add record validation task, fix picture namespace
 * cleanup: first take on removal of duplicate groups

Pull request #135 from azul/bugfix/i18n-tweaks
 * i18n: remove audio related keys from gallery

Pull request #134 from azul/custom/riseup-specific-copy

Pull request #133 from azul/custom/riseup-theme
 * customization: riseup theme added with footer

Pull request #132 from azul/bugfix/migration-fixes
 * Tagging is now called ActsAsTaggableOn::Tagging
 * use normal sphinx paths without capistrano
 * table names use plurals
parent cb9e0aea
Changes in Crabgrass 0.6.1
Lot's of tests and bugfixes happened since 0.6.0. We've also seen great support
from the communitee in translating the new user interface to a
lot of languages. Elijah reworked the ui and ported it to use bootstrap 3.
Updated dependencies:
* bootstrap 3
* works with ruby 2.1
Changes in Crabgrass 0.6.0
This is the first full release after the rework of the crabgrass codebase.
Some years ago the crabgrass codebase had diverged into different
incompatible development trees. We're about bringing the different forks
back together in a streamlined version.
Updated dependencies:
* Rails 3.2
Changes since Crabgrass 0.5
......@@ -15,12 +40,9 @@ Updated dependencies
* No more compass and Susy
* Using bundler
Upgrading to Crabgrass 1.0 from earlier versions
Upgrading to Crabgrass 0.6.n from earlier versions
todo: when crabgrass core stabilizes, work out instructions
for how to upgrade and put them here.
directory changes
tools -> extensions/page_types
......@@ -36,3 +58,13 @@ configuration changes
"mysql" must be replaced with "mysql2"
Please make sure to run all the migrations
upgrade rake tasks
cg:upgrade:to_0_6 is your friend for the essential updates
cg:cleanup:all should cleanup invalid data from back in the days
db:data:validate will run validations for ALL records
this takes some time but saves you lots of trouble with invalid data
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