Commit ca49a405 authored by azul's avatar azul

Merge branch 'fix-render-404' into 'master'

Log: no trace of ActionController::RoutingError

See merge request !245
parents 7ec432cd 43d78a33
......@@ -16,3 +16,19 @@ Rails.backtrace_cleaner.add_silencer do |line|
(line !~ Rails::BacktraceCleaner::APP_DIRS_PATTERN) &&
(line !~ /^\/?(extensions|vendor\/crabgrass_plugins)/)
# The traces of ActionController::RoutingErrors do not add any info.
# Plus they do not include anything in the clean backtrace.
# - which makes rails resort to the dirty backtrace for some reason.
# So here we strip of the entire backtrace
# to prevent them from cluttering the logs.
class ActionDispatch::DebugExceptions
alias_method :old_log_error, :log_error
def log_error(env, wrapper)
if wrapper.exception.is_a? ActionController::RoutingError
stripped = wrapper.exception.message
wrapper = env, stripped
old_log_error env, wrapper
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