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    Enable pg_dump format option. · 7355535e
    Jacob Anawalt authored
    The format option of pg_dump enables tar and custom archive file formats in
    addition to the default plain-text file containing SQL commands.
    When either the tar or custom format are selected the behaviour of database=all is changed to no longer dump a single file via pg_dumpall. Instead pg_dumpall
    is called once to export the "global" data (roles & tablespaces) and then
    pg_dump is called once for each non-template table in the database.
    To support the GZIP and GZIP_OPTS variables in backupninja and to give the
    default --rsyncable gzip compression flag a chance at working on a PostgreSQL
    backup, the custom output is forced to not use compression. Instead compression
    is done via a pipe to gzip. Hopefully this benefits rsync and rdiff-backup
    style backups for reduced backup and storage costs that outweigh the
    restoration ones.
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