Commit d13cbb4f authored by taggart's avatar taggart

commit a README for 6.2.32 patches with current known state

parent 59581e13
prevents lists going in to 'pending' status if they are renamed.
disables the ability to copy an existing list at the perl library level. this is also done on the
template level (which is not included in this patch).
do_edit_list in wwsympa.fcgi needs to be patched to make sure that special list addresses can not be ued as list owner addresses. See for more info
Need to test/port
we still need to disable listing of latest and active lists, since these operations still time out. We need to test this once we move to 6.2.32 on whimbrel since we can't repeat it on stilt with it's subset of data.
TODO; need to file a bug for this and press the issue upstream, fix patch name, reimplement based on 6.2.32
This fixes a bug in the init script for Debian Wheezy systems
Can probably drop this, but need to test.
Adds a feature to set hard limits on the size of lists that can send mail. This is controlled by max_list_dispatch and max_list_dispatch_from_subscriber. See for more info.
TODO: Needs to be ported/open upstream issue.
Adds configureable email validations provided by Email::Valid. See for more info.
TODO: need to test that the new upstream way of doing things works, run list cleanup processes and then run it again a few months later and see if any invalid addresses show up.
First part of removing Full Names from the sympa database. This patch removes the possibilit for users to change their names on the preferences page. See for more info.
The second part of removing fulle names from the sympa database. This patch removes the ability of list admins and owners from adding a name for the user from the 'Manage List Members' page. See for more info.
OLDER, no longer needed/used
rss requests to active_lists and latest_lists crash wwsympa. disable for now (should make a real patch one day)
Dropped, we prevent this in apache config now rather than patching.
Adds configureable support for assuring the strength of users passwords. See for more info.
Fixed upstream.
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